JoAnn Christian
12 months agoJuly 5, 2021
Thank you for the latest information on the merger with Simplicity CU.
I look forward to receiving information via text message or email in the coming months, as was mentioned on the CU statement that I just received.  I can't help but think that it would have been nice if CONE CU had continued the CONE newsletter via email instead of abruptly quitting publication of it entirely and without warning.

CONE's Cecil St building is small and I wonder how CONE can accommodate the out-of-town Simplicity staffers to use when they come to Neenah.  One idea that has been come up would be to have Simplicity purchase an existing empty bank office formerly owned by Old National Bank here in Neenah, which is located at 1065 S. Lake Street.  I have never worked there or even been inside it for more than a few minutes, so I don't know how many office spaces it has, but it could be an opportunity for CONE/Simplicity CU to have room for more employees and operations.
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